Bedroom Update

Very short post to show bedroom progression.

In just over a month we have added new bedside tables, new lamps, a vase and put up our mirror.

Bedside tables came part of a package from the Home collection at Argos.  We wanted two tables that matched, and ideally part of a bedroom furniture package. We chose a furniture set which included :2 bedside tables, wardrobe and chest of drawers. This was £216.96 and in the sale it was only £180! Bargain.

Bedside Lamps were from Dunelm for £35 each. £10 for the grey shade and £25 for the stand. We bought two of the same to keep continuity and they fit in perfect.

Mirror was given to us by my auntie a couple of years ago. In the old house it lived in the hallway but I thought the bedroom needed a little something on the wall.

My beautiful Vase was from HomeSense for £10.00. It’s so pretty, I just love it! Now I need something to go on the other windowsill. Anybody who has any ideas what should go on the second windowsill please let me know. I’m thinking a plant maybe. However I’m terrible at keeping flowers alive. Maybe a fake arrangement maybe a nice touch.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 13.36.21Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 13.36.04Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 13.36.46Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 13.36.35

Much Love 

Sophie x

The world of Instagram. Is it really all that great?

Happylittleegg Instagram started as my own personal Insta with many photographs of my every day life. Over the past year as you all know I’ve been in the process of buying a new home, therefore my posts have become house related.

When this started to be the case I noticed my friends in my real life wasn’t interested in my constant house updates so were becoming slightly irritated with my updates of e.g. ‘Look at my new kettle posts’ etc ha!

So I decided to dedicate the Happylittleegg Instagram for my home only.

Because of the move to my new home, I noticed my likes were increasing from around 20 likes per post to 50+.

Yes I know, to many of my Insta friends this is nothing as they get 100+ on each post, and over 1000 follows. (We all start somewhere I keep telling myself).

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 12.51.14.png

(My most liked post, currently 217 likes! I have no idea why, it’s not even a fantastic shot)


My first website ‘appearance’

Yes I know it’s nothing to most, but it was lovely to be asked to be featured on the ‘Inspiration Gallery’ for Breville.

I’m proud to say that two of my Instagram posts have now been shared on Breville’s ‘Inspiration Gallery’.

Before my first post was shared (far right image), I just celebrated receiving 600 follows! But when this image was shared I shot up by 100 followers in 5 days. For me this was fantastic!

So when Breville ask to share another post of mine, I was over the moon.

I received nothing.

If anything my follows and likes had dropped!

When this started to happen I thought, what am I doing wrong? I started to feel a little down hearted. Because secretly I wanted to keep increasing my follows as I am very proud of my little home.

However when I sat and spoke to Adam, I realised how stupid I was being.

After looking from an outsiders point of view, I was being silly. I have so much to be thankful for, and I am so proud of where I am in my life.

At 24 I own a home with my lovely boyfriend and our little boy Ned (our dog) and I have my dream career which I worked very hard to get.

Anyway… who want’s to be ‘Insta Famous’?!

I’ve noticed many ‘Insta Famous’ accounts getting very obsessive, even going to the extent of creating fake profiles to stalk people who have ‘copied’ their ideas.

In my eyes, they need to see that their home is inspiration to others. Don’t be jealous when somebody uses the same wall art, or table arrangement. Be proud that it was you who inspired them.

This have become a litte rant! Sorry (not sorry!). 

I’m aware I don’t get many views on here or even on my Insta but this has become a lovely little hobby for me when I have some down time.

I work full time and work god damn hard!  This is my little quiet haven and I need to be proud of that.

As Bear Grylls annoying always says ‘positivity, positivity, positivity’! As if I just quoted Bear Grylls haha!

Much Love

Sophie x




A little night away

Me and Adam have been on annual leave, so we decided to make the most of the lovely weather and have a night away in the Lake District.

The Lake District is only an hour away so it’s the perfect distance for a one night break.

We came across the Queens Head in Hawkshead from a recommendation from my Dad. He said ‘Hawkshead is great! There’s around 4 to 5 pubs walking distance for one another!’ We were sold haha!


Midweek we paid £100 bed and breakfast for one night, and I believe weekends are only £130 bed and breakfast. It’s also dog friendly, so you can bring your furry friend along for only £10 extra per night.

Our bedroom (room 11) was classed as a double standard. The decor was simply stunning, and very me!

There was a small corridor which held a console table and wall art. The corridor then lead to the bathroom and bedroom.

The wall had a secret cupboard which I instantly fell in love with. I now want a secret compartment in my bedroom! I’m also a big fan of the checked headboard and the wooden panelled wall. Would this effect be possible in my little new build? I hope so!


The decor to the hotel was beautiful, but this wasn’t the only positive. The staff are friendly and very helpful and as soon as we could check in, the assistant manager showed us around which was a lovely touch.

The food was also outstanding. In the evening we enjoyed fish and chips and a trio of ice-cream for dessert. The breakfast was equally delicious.

Why is it that when your eating breakfast in a hotel your eyes are bigger than your belly?! At home I either don’t have breakfast or just have toast. But for some reason I had 2 slices of toast, a yogurt, and a cooked breakfast! (Fatty comes to mind!)

I only have 4 more days off before it’s back to work for me. But having a night away really does the world of good! Even though it’s only one night away it’s a little escape from reality.

Much Love

Sophie x

For more information about this beautiful Inn check out

We have moved!

Hi guys, it’s been a while!

Sorry I’ve been extremely quiet lately but we have officially moved house!


We moved in on Thursday 1st June 2017 and it has been chaos! Juggling a full time job and moving house isn’t the easiest but we are slowly getting there.

A friend of mine gave me ‘the mum talk’ telling me to take it easy and to realise that we don’t have big jobs such as redecorating etc, so I must be patient, it will take time to make it our own. She was so right! Since ‘the mum talk’ I am far more relaxed and nowhere near stressed.

Our bedroom is probably one of the only rooms in the house we are nearly finished. However for the first 5 nights we had no blinds! I hated every moment of not having blinds. It was horrible. Waking up at 4.45am to see the sun rise, really wasn’t my idea of fun. Luckily for our 6th night we had blinds! Finally I could get dressed in my bedroom in private without flashing to the world, and I could finally sleep in.

Left to do in the bedroom is to get a small console table possibly, and put a mirror up. Apart from that I’m happy. Eventually we will decorate in here but that will take time.


Our kitchen is another room which is slowly getting there. I love our choice of flooring and work tops. I’m very pleased with the outcome.

The first meal cooked was a lonely meal for one, because Adam was working. It was so strange cooking in a new Kitchen, trying to get used to everything but I got there in the end. Tonight I’m cooking our first family meal as my mums coming round for tea (wish me luck!!)

Now on to my Breville kettle and toaster. I  found these beauties in the sale in Currys last week, £90 for both. Today I nipped in to Currys and they were back at full price at £80 each! I’m so pleased I found this bargain but I’m sure you we will be able to find them online a little cheaper.

Slowly we’re getting there, but there’s no rush! I will update you all when each room gets completed (or even just presentable!) or when I find a cute little buy.

Much Love

Sophie x

We’ve got a move in date!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been back to work and i’ve been a busy bee!

But we have some fantastic news! We finally have a move in date.

Thursday 1st June 2017!

This is a lot earlier than expected so we are slightly panicking that we haven’t done everything.

This week we’ve been choosing our carpets and flooring. This has been proving to be difficult as I’m so indecisive. Due to the limited time frame I do feel rushed in choosing but I do think it may be a blessing in disguise as I probably would have taken months before a decision!

I think my next post will be the grand reveal of our home.

I’m so excited! Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Much Love,

Sophie x  

Annual leave…

Today is my last day of annual leave. I have been off for 9 days, and its flown by.  Today is the day I will deep clean the house and start to get everything ready to go back to work. (I always feel like a child returning to school, making sure I have everything packed!)

Over the 9 days I’ve enjoyed:

  • A day out in Manchester with the Mother
  • A day of shopping with a best friend
  • I’ve danced the night away at a wedding
  • and I’ve had a fair few lazy days too!


(Above are a couple of photographs from the wedding. I wore a beautiful skirt from New Look which I teamed up with a simple black top from River Island.) 

Today however I will move from the comfort of the sofa and I will tidy up. I’m not too sure what happened. Why is it that after one night out and you wake up the next day and the house is a tip. Every room looks like a tornado has hit it. How does this happen?!

Before I continue Ned is making strange noises at me… That’s his way of telling me he wants to go out. I swear he rules this house!

So I’ve just got back from walking trouble and out of 6 dogs on the park he was the only one on his lead. Yes, he is a pain as he doesn’t listen to me, only Adam, so he can’t be trusted off his lead.  Are all dogs the same?! Do they only listen to the ‘man of the house’?

So where was I…

While i’ve been on annual leave it’s also been pay day! (Thank the lord!) So obviously I rushed out and went on the hunt for homey items.

  • 1st Item- Lampshade


I mentioned this item on my ‘I’ve taken over…’ blog post. The gold spotty lampshade from Debenhams will be for my new dressing room. In that room I will be aiming for a pink, white and gold theme so this lampshade was the perfect fit. For more information e.g. sizing and costs pleas check out my blog ‘Ive taken over…’ post.

  • 2nd Item – Bunting 

I found this adorable bunting from Home Bargains for 99p!! I really wish I got a few more packs, so I could go around all of the windows in the kitchen. Maybe another trip to Home Bargains is needed!

  • 3rd Item – Fruit basket 


This copper looking fruit basket was also from home bargains for £2.99. I finally found a reason to chuck out a blue plastic nasty looking fruit bowl which has been in our home for YEARS. Some how I inherited from my mum, and it was just awful. So hello there new beautiful modern looking fruit basket.


4th Item – Photo Book

How adorable is this Kirstie Allsopp Spotty photo book. I found this great little bargain buy off ebay. It should have been £18.00 and I got it for £6.95 and £2.95 for postage (brand new may I add). I was on the hunt for a pretty photo book because for the move we are going through everything in the house and being ruthless. I have a large toy box full of printed photographs from the olden days when you used to use disposable cameras. We have 100’s. Me and my mum separated them in to piles of who was keeping which photographs .. So I decided to buy a photo book. Unfortunately it was only for the small images but I couldn’t complain, it was a great bargain buy!

Right…I’ve just had a sneak peak at my emails..and the emails have piled up like crazy. So a hectic day back in for me tomorrow. So I must make a move and tidy the house, as I’m certain I wont be lifting a finger when I get home tomorrow night.

Much Love,

Sophie x 



If you were to ask my boyfriend to a name a love of mine, I think he would say ‘sleeping!’ Lazy I know, but who doesn’t love a comfy bed where you can drift off to dream land and escape reality.

Therefore I’ve decided I want to invest in a new bed for our new home, but like anything, I’m on a tight budget. As you will soon see, I’m rather tight when it comes to money. I’d rather search high and low for a bargain before I  go ahead and buy. I typically tend to  head back to my first finds, but it’s always worth looking for a cheaper alternative right?!

I have recently been inspired by a couple of different places in regards to beds.  The first inspirational place happened to be my work place…

The Glendower Hotel has just finished a major refurbishment and I am extremely proud to say that I work there. The bedrooms have been finished to a very high standard, and the building hosts 3 sea view suites.

The Ribble View is personally my favourite suite in the hotel. This suite has two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a balcony.

(Photo credit : Gavin Haworth Photography )

Because of the Glendower, I haven fallen in love with headboards. I think they make a fantastic focal point to any bedroom. I would like to think I can also make that ‘wow factor’ when I create my bedroom in my new home.

Whereas now I currently have a white framed bed (please see below for very old photographs). When I first purchased my bed 2 years ago, I thought it was beautiful, but like anything, you grow out of love with trends, and now I’m looking for my very own divan bed with headboard. Obviously the Ribble View master bedroom is rather large in comparison, as my cosy new bedroom will only be 3.31m by 3.12m, so my headboard would have to be on the smaller scale.

I’ve also spotted headboards in the show homes in Thornton Fields, Rowland Homes. The way the rooms are presented is impeccable and have shown me headboards can fit in smaller spaces too.

My search criteria:

  • I will aim for a neutral colour such as a grey or cream so that when I do change my mind (possibly yearly) on the colour of the walls the bed will still suit the room.
  • Rough budget of £500.
  • Standard 4’6″ x 6’3″ double size.

If you have any recommendations, please do let me know. Or if you have a beautiful divan bed with headboard I would love to see!

Much Love,

Sophie x