A little night away

Me and Adam have been on annual leave, so we decided to make the most of the lovely weather and have a night away in the Lake District.

The Lake District is only an hour away so it’s the perfect distance for a one night break.

We came across the Queens Head in Hawkshead from a recommendation from my Dad. He said ‘Hawkshead is great! There’s around 4 to 5 pubs walking distance for one another!’ We were sold haha!


Midweek we paid £100 bed and breakfast for one night, and I believe weekends are only £130 bed and breakfast. It’s also dog friendly, so you can bring your furry friend along for only £10 extra per night.

Our bedroom (room 11) was classed as a double standard. The decor was simply stunning, and very me!

There was a small corridor which held a console table and wall art. The corridor then lead to the bathroom and bedroom.

The wall had a secret cupboard which I instantly fell in love with. I now want a secret compartment in my bedroom! I’m also a big fan of the checked headboard and the wooden panelled wall. Would this effect be possible in my little new build? I hope so!


The decor to the hotel was beautiful, but this wasn’t the only positive. The staff are friendly and very helpful and as soon as we could check in, the assistant manager showed us around which was a lovely touch.

The food was also outstanding. In the evening we enjoyed fish and chips and a trio of ice-cream for dessert. The breakfast was equally delicious.

Why is it that when your eating breakfast in a hotel your eyes are bigger than your belly?! At home I either don’t have breakfast or just have toast. But for some reason I had 2 slices of toast, a yogurt, and a cooked breakfast! (Fatty comes to mind!)

I only have 4 more days off before it’s back to work for me. But having a night away really does the world of good! Even though it’s only one night away it’s a little escape from reality.

Much Love

Sophie x

For more information about this beautiful Inn check out http://queensheadhawkshead.co.uk


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