We have moved!

Hi guys, it’s been a while!

Sorry I’ve been extremely quiet lately but we have officially moved house!


We moved in on Thursday 1st June 2017 and it has been chaos! Juggling a full time job and moving house isn’t the easiest but we are slowly getting there.

A friend of mine gave me ‘the mum talk’ telling me to take it easy and to realise that we don’t have big jobs such as redecorating etc, so I must be patient, it will take time to make it our own. She was so right! Since ‘the mum talk’ I am far more relaxed and nowhere near stressed.

Our bedroom is probably one of the only rooms in the house we are nearly finished. However for the first 5 nights we had no blinds! I hated every moment of not having blinds. It was horrible. Waking up at 4.45am to see the sun rise, really wasn’t my idea of fun. Luckily for our 6th night we had blinds! Finally I could get dressed in my bedroom in private without flashing to the world, and I could finally sleep in.

Left to do in the bedroom is to get a small console table possibly, and put a mirror up. Apart from that I’m happy. Eventually we will decorate in here but that will take time.


Our kitchen is another room which is slowly getting there. I love our choice of flooring and work tops. I’m very pleased with the outcome.

The first meal cooked was a lonely meal for one, because Adam was working. It was so strange cooking in a new Kitchen, trying to get used to everything but I got there in the end. Tonight I’m cooking our first family meal as my mums coming round for tea (wish me luck!!)

Now on to my Breville kettle and toaster. I  found these beauties in the sale in Currys last week, £90 for both. Today I nipped in to Currys and they were back at full price at £80 each! I’m so pleased I found this bargain but I’m sure you we will be able to find them online a little cheaper.

Slowly we’re getting there, but there’s no rush! I will update you all when each room gets completed (or even just presentable!) or when I find a cute little buy.

Much Love

Sophie x


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