Annual leave…

Today is my last day of annual leave. I have been off for 9 days, and its flown by.  Today is the day I will deep clean the house and start to get everything ready to go back to work. (I always feel like a child returning to school, making sure I have everything packed!)

Over the 9 days I’ve enjoyed:

  • A day out in Manchester with the Mother
  • A day of shopping with a best friend
  • I’ve danced the night away at a wedding
  • and I’ve had a fair few lazy days too!


(Above are a couple of photographs from the wedding. I wore a beautiful skirt from New Look which I teamed up with a simple black top from River Island.) 

Today however I will move from the comfort of the sofa and I will tidy up. I’m not too sure what happened. Why is it that after one night out and you wake up the next day and the house is a tip. Every room looks like a tornado has hit it. How does this happen?!

Before I continue Ned is making strange noises at me… That’s his way of telling me he wants to go out. I swear he rules this house!

So I’ve just got back from walking trouble and out of 6 dogs on the park he was the only one on his lead. Yes, he is a pain as he doesn’t listen to me, only Adam, so he can’t be trusted off his lead.  Are all dogs the same?! Do they only listen to the ‘man of the house’?

So where was I…

While i’ve been on annual leave it’s also been pay day! (Thank the lord!) So obviously I rushed out and went on the hunt for homey items.

  • 1st Item- Lampshade


I mentioned this item on my ‘I’ve taken over…’ blog post. The gold spotty lampshade from Debenhams will be for my new dressing room. In that room I will be aiming for a pink, white and gold theme so this lampshade was the perfect fit. For more information e.g. sizing and costs pleas check out my blog ‘Ive taken over…’ post.

  • 2nd Item – Bunting 

I found this adorable bunting from Home Bargains for 99p!! I really wish I got a few more packs, so I could go around all of the windows in the kitchen. Maybe another trip to Home Bargains is needed!

  • 3rd Item – Fruit basket 


This copper looking fruit basket was also from home bargains for £2.99. I finally found a reason to chuck out a blue plastic nasty looking fruit bowl which has been in our home for YEARS. Some how I inherited from my mum, and it was just awful. So hello there new beautiful modern looking fruit basket.


4th Item – Photo Book

How adorable is this Kirstie Allsopp Spotty photo book. I found this great little bargain buy off ebay. It should have been £18.00 and I got it for £6.95 and £2.95 for postage (brand new may I add). I was on the hunt for a pretty photo book because for the move we are going through everything in the house and being ruthless. I have a large toy box full of printed photographs from the olden days when you used to use disposable cameras. We have 100’s. Me and my mum separated them in to piles of who was keeping which photographs .. So I decided to buy a photo book. Unfortunately it was only for the small images but I couldn’t complain, it was a great bargain buy!

Right…I’ve just had a sneak peak at my emails..and the emails have piled up like crazy. So a hectic day back in for me tomorrow. So I must make a move and tidy the house, as I’m certain I wont be lifting a finger when I get home tomorrow night.

Much Love,

Sophie x 



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