If you were to ask my boyfriend to a name a love of mine, I think he would say ‘sleeping!’ Lazy I know, but who doesn’t love a comfy bed where you can drift off to dream land and escape reality.

Therefore I’ve decided I want to invest in a new bed for our new home, but like anything, I’m on a tight budget. As you will soon see, I’m rather tight when it comes to money. I’d rather search high and low for a bargain before I  go ahead and buy. I typically tend to  head back to my first finds, but it’s always worth looking for a cheaper alternative right?!

I have recently been inspired by a couple of different places in regards to beds.  The first inspirational place happened to be my work place…

The Glendower Hotel has just finished a major refurbishment and I am extremely proud to say that I work there. The bedrooms have been finished to a very high standard, and the building hosts 3 sea view suites.

The Ribble View is personally my favourite suite in the hotel. This suite has two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a balcony.

(Photo credit : Gavin Haworth Photography )

Because of the Glendower, I haven fallen in love with headboards. I think they make a fantastic focal point to any bedroom. I would like to think I can also make that ‘wow factor’ when I create my bedroom in my new home.

Whereas now I currently have a white framed bed (please see below for very old photographs). When I first purchased my bed 2 years ago, I thought it was beautiful, but like anything, you grow out of love with trends, and now I’m looking for my very own divan bed with headboard. Obviously the Ribble View master bedroom is rather large in comparison, as my cosy new bedroom will only be 3.31m by 3.12m, so my headboard would have to be on the smaller scale.

I’ve also spotted headboards in the show homes in Thornton Fields, Rowland Homes. The way the rooms are presented is impeccable and have shown me headboards can fit in smaller spaces too.

My search criteria:

  • I will aim for a neutral colour such as a grey or cream so that when I do change my mind (possibly yearly) on the colour of the walls the bed will still suit the room.
  • Rough budget of £500.
  • Standard 4’6″ x 6’3″ double size.

If you have any recommendations, please do let me know. Or if you have a beautiful divan bed with headboard I would love to see!

Much Love,

Sophie x


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